Help your child develop their Fine Motor Skills... PLAYFULLY!


How important are Fine Motor Skills?

Little hands need time and repeated opportunities to develop dexterity and strength - but HOW can you help them do this?

GREAT NEWS - we have teamed up The Creative Toy Shop and 7 other Australian Teachers to make this SUPER easy for you!


Happy Hands: Playful Ideas to Develop Fine Motor Skills

An eBook PACKED with colourful ideas to help you develop your child's FINE MOTOR skills!

Written by Teachers who are Mums

Written by 8 passionate Australian Teachers who use these ideas regularly with their own children at home.

Easy and DOable ideas that are FUN!

27 ideas hands on ideas that do not require elaborate set ups - they are easy, quick and FUN.

Instantly Download your eBOOK

eBook form = INSTANT access! No need to wait for postage, simply print off and start PLAYING!

Start developing Fine Motor Skills Today

Click the button to get the Happy Hands eBook now and start helping your little ones strengthen their hands ready for writing in PLAYFUL and fun ways!

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Want to make it even EASIER?

We have partnered with The Creative Toy Shop to bring you a Fine Motor PACK! There are three different packs that contain many items, tools and resources to complement the ideas in our book.


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