Want to *REALLY* enjoy Playtime with your kids?

Feel happier, less stressed and inspired to have fun - every day

(Even if you don't have a 'Pinterest perfect playroom or a creative bone in your body)



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If you're a busy, hands-on mum juggling kids, washing, healthy lunches and play dates...


You've already heard that playtime is critical for kids' growing brains


But playing with toddlers can feel like hard work when you're sleep deprived and you've got a gazillion things to do

Does this sound familiar?

...coming up with ideas for what to do with your kids feels like just another job to do and you're already maxed out
...you're spending loads of time searching ideas on Pinterest but when it's 'go time' you've got no idea where to start #PinterestFail
...You want your kids to play together but you don't know what ideas to try to keep them happy and prevent arm-flailing, hair-pulling tantrums
...You want to have an awesome set up at home but you don't want it to cost the earth or take over your entire house
...You're worried that you're not doing enough to keep your kids stimulated and engaged in learning, so maybe they should be in daycare after all...


I know you want to be the best mum you can be


But sometimes it all feels completely overwhelming.

Believe me, I've been there...



It's easy to let the magical early childhood time pass us by when we're sleep-deprived and bogged down with a never ending 'to do' list.


We can get so focused on getting through the early years, that we don't always appreciate the beauty and fun of playing with our kids.


We feel so much pressure to have everything 'picture perfect' that we don't want to let playtime get 'too messy' (and we don't have time to clean *another* mess either).


And, when we're in the thick haze of child-rearing, being 'good' at play seems like a talent that only the really creative types on Play School can pull off...


BUT it doesn't have to be this way.


Because playtime isn't just about the kids.


SIMPLE playtime can help you create a harmonious home, deepen connection with (and between) your kids, and bring back the joy in your life - all while developing your children's skills.


"My life feels happier and easier already. Both the girls ran straight to the playroom this morning instead of the TV."

Play Squad Member

Introducing the
Play Squad Membership.

The complete A-Z of playtime for busy, hands-on parents,
to take you from playtime struggle to having oodles of fun.

I've taken everything I've learned
...being Mum to 4 under 5
....over a decade as a teacher, passionate about learning PLAYFULLY
...a play-session facilitator for hundreds of 1-5 year olds
and packaged it all up as a monthly membership to support YOU with ideas, tips and strategies for your little people.


Isn't a Pinterest rabbit hole of pretty pictures - it's a step by step process and community of PLAY-loving parents who will help you get your Mum mojo back! 

Yes, you'll have tonnes of beautiful playtime inspo, but more importantly, you'll have a research-backed 'Playful Path' to take you from no clue what to do - to can't wait for playtime each day.

The end result: a happier home-life, filled with fun, joy and deeper connection

"This may sound like I'm on a reality show, but what you get is an amazing journey. I have learnt so much about my own kids and the way to parent since joining this group. We have the opportunity to ask questions of various experts, Amy and a whole crew of mums dedicated to getting the most out of their little ones early years. I have learnt how to adapt the different play opportunities to suit my young family, and everyone doing it 'their way' is really celebrated"

Play Squad Member


Features the one-of-a-kind 'Playful Path' - designed to get you amazing results

Our one-of-a-kind 'Playful Path' not only anchors what we do, but it also supports people from all DIFFERENT 'stages of playful' to make progress. 

From Playful Prodigy (aka just getting started) to Playful Pro (knows what to do, when to do it and why) - we've got you covered.

And what's better? Our core values (in the clouds) are based in research, best practice and are squished with LOVE.


When you become a member of our Play Squad, you get:

Instant Access to the Play Squad

(Value: $97)

5 (quick!) lessons to let you know what to expect, what we do and WHY so you can make the most out of our membership!

Monthly Play Ideas

(Value: $297/yr)

Every month we release a new 'monthly magazine', packed with playful ideas!  (You also get instant access to the 'vault' of all previous ideas, filled with easy things to try with your children at home.)  We encourage members to use what they have (=no 'quick trip' to the shops)

Our Private Play Squad
FB Group

(Value: $997/yr) 

Ask questions, share wins, share things that didn't work so well with a bunch of AMAZING + playful people! (One member EVERY month will be given PRIZES for the pics they share!) Seeya later Pinterest, move over REAL ideas in REAL homes!

Expert Q+A Trainings

(Value: $497/yr)

Have a burning question about how to reduce screen time, address behaviour concerns or are looking for practical parenting strategies (that actually work)?  We've got you covered with a range of monthly expert Q+A trainings to help support you along your journey.

Transform Playtime 5 day Video Series

(Value: $97)

A 5-part video series sharing the EXACT steps we use to create, organise and SIMPLIFY our Play Space to encourage more independent play! Featuring two eBooks PACKED with inspo + ideas

Monthly Playful TV Episodes

(Value: $197/yr)

Short, YouTube free (!) videos to watch WITH your kids. Think a cross between Mr Maker + Play School, featuring REAL children DOING the ideas! No 'easy-play-ideas-that-aren't-actually-easy' here.

Monthly {Online} Play Dates

(Value: priceless)

You've found your village.  Now connect with them!  We have the opportunity to catch up with each other with a monthly live face-to-face video chat, discussing whatever needs have arisen.

Toy Storage and ORGANISATION tips

(Value: $297/yr)

Imagine getting insights into the way other people organise *their* spaces (large and small)! Check out our Squaddie Space Spotlight (and then have the opportunity to chat to them about it)

$2,479 worth of goodies...

Access it all right now for only $27

Imagine what life would be like if...

...you had a list of SIMPLE things to try with your children every month (that they LOVED)

...You felt completely organised, with the toys and resources in your home stored and rotated regularly

...you were part of a community of mums on the same mission: to ditch 'Pinterest Perfect' and bring REAL play back into everyday life..who could inspire you out of your mum funk'

Don't take it from me... here's what our Squaddies (aka our Play Squad Members!) have to say:

"Since joining this group I am so much more comfortable with having the kids at home and playing with them, instead of trying to get them out of the house the whole time.... Made me realise it really CAN be so simple but through the eyes of a little kid it is something quite different. Thanks so much Amy Cox!"

Play Squad Member

"Absolutely adore Amy's way of play. Her content has dramatically changed the way we play at home. My boys play longer and are engaged more with a limited selection of toys that are rotated regularly, resulting in a lot less screen time. Our toy room is no longer used as a rubbish pile of toys that you navigate your way through with shoes on but instead our little DIY shelf is located in our lounge room next to our kitchen and is thoroughly used. "

Play Squad Member

"This is going to sound really dramatic, but I feel like being part of play squad has given me back my mummy mojo 🙈. I've always had projects on the go...and ideas of what I'd do with my kids...but the reality of parenthood and kids that are up all night is more exhausting than I could have imagined... Having the support, encouragement and energy of this squad has given me a massive boost and I am so grateful."

Play Squad Member

"If anyone has any doubts about changing to Amy's way this will get you over the line: Mr 4 packed away the entire toyroom by himself, no supervision. Everything has a place and because we rotate toys there isn't an overwhelming amount for him to pack away. It took him about 15 minutes and I could hear him chatting away to himself, playing as he went!"

Play Squad Member

Who am I to be telling you how to play with your kids?

My name is Amy.
I'm a play-loving, mess-making Aussie Mum of four delicious little humans - two boys (8+6.5) and two girls (5+3).

Before I had kids, I absolutely LOVED being a full time teacher. 

I lived and breathed it.

As early as my first year of teaching, I was invited to mentor other teachers, present at meetings and conferences, and I won a couple of Education Awards (including one that was Australia-wide).

But going back to work part-time after kids was hard. 


It was even harder when I started noticing a definite shift in our education system, which meant play was being undervalued.
Incredible early years teachers were leaving the profession and it lit a spark within me...
I felt drawn to do something and to stand up to this change for the sake of our - of MY - kids.


I started looking at helping parents truly appreciate the value of play and equip them with tools, tips and tricks to support them before their children hit the school system.

My business Playful Little Learners (and our Play Squad) has grown from there.

I'm on a mission to help others get PLAYFUL in the early years - ditching 'picture perfect'.

I've created a resource that  I *wish* I had when I was in 'the haze' of 4 under 5! 


And you'll get access to...

The Play Squad Mini-Course (Value: $97)

Monthly Play Ideas to try with your kids (Value: $297/yr) 

Monthly 'Playful TV' episodes (Value: $197/yr)

Our Private Play Squad Facebook Group (Value: $997/yr)

Expert Q+A 'Trainings' (Value: $497/yr)

Organisation Tips (Value: $297/yr)

Transform Playtime 5-part video series (Value: $97

Monthly Online Playdates  



Start today for only $27!

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(The same price as a takeaway cup of coffee a week)




Join our membership NOW and pay month by month (get all the goodness for the same price as ONE take-away coffee a week!)

{All prices in Australian Dollars}





Pay for your membership upfront and get 2 months free!



{All prices in Australian Dollars}

Pay year upfront!


It wouldn't be FUN to have sticky contracts, so there aren't any!

Monthly members can cancel any time by emailing us at [email protected] - it's that's easy.

With all the amazing electronic resources on offer, we'd love for you to stock up to help you transform your little ones' playtime! But that also means refunds aren't available. We're excited to help you play and organise the way you always wanted to - and we can't WAIT to celebrate YOU, too!

This program is for you if: 

  • You're ready to ditch 'Pinterest perfect' ideas and playrooms and start ENJOYING playtime with your toddlers and preschool aged kids
  • You want to feel JOYFUL and excited about PLAY again!


This program is NOT for you if: 

  • You like having a completely mess-free zone, you don't want to get your hands dirty
  • You love cranking out pictures for all the 'double taps'


All for the same price as a cup of take-away coffee a week!

Questions people ask before saying "let's do this!" to the Play Squad Membership

Absolutely!  Our monthly 'play ideas' use items commonly found around the home (think pegs, sheets...) and also come with resource lists, so if you need to pick up something from the shop, you can add it to your next grocery shop.  (SIDE NOTE: you also have the opportunity to BUILD your collection as monthly prizes are offered to our members for sharing what they've got up to!)

Absolutely - this is made for you!  This membership will SAVE YOU TIME as you get monthly ideas provided for you!  PLUS - you can help inspire other people along their own playful journey by sharing how you adapt ideas to suit your individual children.  There will also be the opportunity for members to submit ideas for our monthly magazines  - and get paid for it!

A whole lot of love goes into running our Play Squad Membership, so doors only open a couple of times every year.

One of my clients works full time hours (38 hours a week) and is a Mum to 2 little ones (4 and 2).  She really enjoys work but she worries she's not getting enough time with her children (damn those Mummy guilts!).  She signed up for a play challenge of ours and bought some of the items needed when she was food shopping - the rest she already had in her cupboard.  She wrote on her family blackboard one idea a day to try and set up these ideas suggested in the challenge.  Her four year old LOVED it so much, she was asking 'what are we going to play today, Mummy?' when she got home from work!  She was so happy and fulfilled that she was making the most of her time with her children, doing things they absolutely LOVED!  These ideas were easy to fit into her day - despite the fact that she worked full time!  xx

Some of the ideas we suggest will be messy, but many are not! 

One of my past clients' has two little ones, and often felt overwhelmed with the fact that the kids' mess took over the whole house (and the idea of adding MORE mess to this was a definite 'no no').  After doing a challenge of ours, she found that by providing her children with periods of time to experiment with different textures actually HELPED with the mess - and the kids LOVED helping her 'clean up' at the end of the project - especially if it involved cooking (who doesn't love licking the spoon?!)

Many of the ideas will help children develop the skills to pack away - an important  part of developing independence (one of our targeted skills throughout the membership).

You are not locked into any contract - you can cancel at any time!

One of our past clients had this exact situation - dropping down to one income was a challenge for their family, but being there to raise her children was something that was important to her!  At the cost of one take-away coffee a week, she invested in our Play Squad and found it was worth its weight in gold -  and she loved the fact that she could turn things she had around the house into engaging invitations for her children to play and learn with!

There are SO MANY IDEAS OUT THERE!  In our squad - we are NOT about 'Pinterest perfect'...

One of the amazing people who participated in our free 5 day Playdate (a tip of the iceberg of what you get in our Play Squad) said this:

"I think the biggest take away for me so far in this group is getting back to what I know that is fun for the kids! I think that Pinterest and Instagram had gotten into my subconscious and I just kept thinking how to make everything beautiful and 'perfect' that I was forgetting to just get into it and do what my kids would enjoy (and not what looked pretty).  I am really excited about PLAY again!"

Absolutely!  One of our clients is a very experienced educator and a Grandma to wonderful grandchildren.  When she was teaching, she was a mentor to other teachers and loved sharing her extensive knowledge of play with them!  Now, she is enjoying time with her grandchildren - she gets the opportunity to look after them while their parents are at work.  After joining our play challenge last year, she LOVED how guided the sessions were - she loved focussing on spending TIME with her precious grandchildren, watching them play in meaningful ways (and not having to worry about 'coming up' with the ideas!)


And you'll get access to...

The Play Squad Mini-Course (Value: $97)

Monthly Play Ideas to try with your kids (Value: $297/yr) 

Monthly 'Playful TV' episodes (Value: $197/yr)

Our Private Play Squad Facebook Group (Value: $997/yr)

Expert Q+A 'Trainings' (Value: $497/yr)

Organisation Tips (Value: $297/yr)

Transform Playtime 5-part video series (Value: $97

Monthly Online Playdates  



Start today for only $27!

And, when you are part of Play Squad, you're also part of something bigger.

Part proceeds from the first month of each membership will go to the Move for Mental Health Intiative, to raise awareness + encourage people to move and get out in nature more to boost mental wellbeing / reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

Funds raised will help The Gidget Foundation to continue their crucial work for those across Australia who are in need.

We care - and we are doing something about it.


All in this together

(One of) our mottos is 'we are all in this together' - here's what our Squaddies have to say about our Play Squad!

I LOVE helping others get PLAYFUL!

This type of feedback makes my heart SING - I'd LOVE to help YOU to get PLAYFUL (and then celebrate how amazing you are!) xxx


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