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009 : Common Sense Parenting with Maggie Dent


We are so thrilled to welcome the wonderful Maggie Dent to the show to dive into some of the things she’s written in her fabulous book, 9 Things, which is all about common sense parenting.

Listen in as Maggie shares:

  • The difference between roosters and lambs temperaments in children, the characteristics of each one and how to help them as a parent.  
  • How it's our challenge to work out how you fill each of your children's love cups up. What is it that makes them feel that you love them - that’s what you have to work out.
  • The Five Love Languages book and how it can help relationships between parents and with your children. How we, as parents, try and give love the way we feel love.
  • Embrace the 80/20 parenting rule: aim for about 80% of the time getting everything pretty much okay. But 20% of the time, you might end up with a high quality cereal for dinner or toasted ham, cheese, tomato sandwiches.
  • The difference between men and women and how they each deal with ‘imperfect parenting’.
  • Teaching our kids about big ugly feelings, talking about them and knowing that conflict is a normal part of human relationships. That it’s not wrong or bad.
  • Tips on how to prime our children for the refusal that’s going to come - like buying a lolly at the supermarket.
  • Why prioritising movement of any kind, being outside and getting fresh air is a restorative thing for our children.
  • The best playgrounds aren’t actually the ‘safe’ playgrounds themselves but nature play in parks with big trees, nooks, crannies and sticks where they can explore and engage in nature around them.
  • The challenge for parents today is to remember that the key ingredients to raising capable, resilient children is to give them as much freedom and autonomy to move their bodies in their world around them.
  • That it’s the simple things that make a difference like fresh air, natural light and the freedom to run and move.



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Books mentioned in the podcast: 9 Things by Maggie Dent, The Five Love Languages of Children by Dr. Gary Chapman and Dr. Ross Campbell.

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