010 : Kids who are not Insta-Square Compliant with Amy Cambridge

outdoors play Mar 18, 2019

In today’s episode, we have TWO Amys (Amy Cox your host and Amy Cambridge). 👯‍♀️

Our guest today - Amy Cambridge -  is a Member of Play Squad,  a mum to two active little boys and is also pregnant with her third child.

In today's episode, 'the Amys' talk about:

  • how to adapt play ideas and suggestions with active children in mind
  • how to cater for the individual needs and interests of YOUR children
  • embracing 'imperfect' and dispelling the need to be 'insta square compliant' - and how much happier EVERYBODY becomes because of this
  • meaningfully involving your kids in the general running of the house (in playful ways!)
  • developing independence and confidence when children learn to do things themselves - no matter how messy it can get in the process
  • ...and more!



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