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Hey there, I'm Amy!

I'm an Aussie Mum of 4, award-winning teacher and 'Mumpreneur' obsessed with play and learning, re-organising play spaces and being a cheerleader for those who live and work with little people.

Playful Little Learners was born when my family and I moved to the Pilbara in 2016 - the first time I officially became a ‘stay at home mum’ on my 4th round of maternity leave.  FINALLY I had the time and capacity to be the Mum I ALWAYS wanted to be, and started sharing bits and pieces of our days over on Instagram.

I ADORED connecting with like-minded, play-loving people on Instagram and co-created a world-wide community called Early Learning 101, connecting and celebrating inspiring people and the early learning ideas they shared.




 My mission here at Playful Little Learners is to CHAMPION PLAY in the early years and empower parents and educators to use it as a tool to connect with their children, develop their skills and encourage independence.


The early years of a child's life are so important, and I know firsthand how many challenges modern day parents face. As a passionate, award-winning teacher AND a Mum of four, it is my goal to share insights, ideas, strategies, tools and tips from experts all around the world to SIMPLIFY life with young kids and make it as easy as possible for YOU to get PLAYFUL. 



...but why?

We had our first three kids in three years (and I was pregnant EVERY YEAR from 2010-2016)!

I wanted to be playful with my kiddos but I was SO TIRED all. the. time. 

I often got overwhelmed by all.the.things  -  what toys/resources are best for each age?  What did THEY need?  How do we store our toys? What do we do? WHY would I possibly make more mess when I could barely keep on top of it as it was?! 

Amidst this, I needed to return part-time to teaching, in capacities that I had never pictured myself in.

I felt like I was split, doing ALL THE THINGS - but NONE of them well. 

I wish someone could have simplified things for me so I could use the time I had with my children more meaningfully.

I would LOVE to be *that* someone for YOU.


Meet the inspiration behind
Playful Little Learners

The four colours you see echoed through my website and Instagram are so much more than my 'branding'.
They are symbols of the four little people who have made me who I was always supposed to be - I'd love you to 'meet' them!

My Blue

My 8 year old boy: the one who made me Mum.    He DOES. NOT. STOP. MOVING. and has literally challenged EVERYTHING I knew about teaching, learning and life. He is amazing and I am grateful EVERY DAY for the person he has made me.

My Green

My 6.5 year old boy: this guy has a photographic memory and gives the BEST bear hugs.  17 months younger than his brother - he has always been SO CAPABLE, wise beyond his years and has an awesome sense of humour.

My Pink

My 5 year old girl: strong-willed, fiercely independent yet delicately sensitive.   She reminds me to SLOW DOWN and be in the moment. Her heart fuels mine. Extremely loyal once you're in 'her circle' - but it takes a LOT to get there. 

My Yellow

My 3 year old girl: the icing on my cake.  Easy-going yet assertive, more independent than her older siblings were at the same age.  Every first of hers is the last for me as a Mum.  Toddlerdom 4th time around (in 5 years) is bittersweet!

This makes me SMILE BIG!

I am so blessed that other PLAYFUL parents and educators share their stories with me after seeing our content! I LOVE hearing your success stories - make sure you tag me in them - I'd LOVE to celebrate YOU!

Want to know what an award-winning teacher does with her four children at home?

Want more?

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As well as sharing snapshots of play in our colourful playroom, I also share sneak peeks of the Sensory Play and Book-Based Play Sessions I run (with my almost 3 year old side-kick!) at our local community centre.


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Thanks for stopping by my slice of the world!


BIG smiles,

Amy xx




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